Over 200 works, most of which are for solo piano, but also include other instrumentation and ensembles. 

Works frequently explore mathematical concepts, including: Diophantine equations, permutation groups, and fractal geometry. 

Other areas embraced within works: philosophy, literature, art, cosmology, linguistics, and poetry.

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Dreams of a Somnambulist contains a variety of original works, including Echoes From A Fractured Dimension​, a one-movement sonata containing a 4-voice fugue. Available through several distributors, though only Bandcamp offers detailed info for each track.

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​Music Scores

A number of compositions are available for purchase at sheetmusicplus.com. Numerous others are available for performances, royalty-free. Please use the contact submission form on the contact page to inquire directly for these scores in pdf format, and include details regarding intended use of works, or else follow the link below to select works available.