• 'Reverse Entropy' sonata, mvt 15:48
  • String Quartet no. 8: mvt 53:12


Contains hundreds of works, from J.S. Bach and Handel, to virtuosic works by Liszt and Tausig, to the tonally-complex compositions of Berg and Scriabin, as well as rarely-heard works by Vine and Lyapunov.

Contained in my first recording is my most ethereal work, Dreams of a Somnambulist, along with my most complex, the Reverse Entropy sonata; and in between the two, I have included a transcription of the eighth string quartet by Shostakovich as well as works by my personal favorite: J.S. Bach.

Repertoire and Compositions

​Sample Programme

Staff - Dreams of a Somnambulist

Beethoven - Sonata no. 14 'Moonlight'

          - Intermission -

J.S. Bach - Kunst der Fuge, 1-4

Staff - Sonata Reverse Entropy

           Variations on Gounod's Marche d'une

           funebre Marionnette 


I have written over 200 works, most of which are for solo piano. I frequently experiment with mathematical concepts such as Diophantine equations and permutation groups in my compositions. 

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