• 'Reverse Entropy' sonata, mvt 15:48
  • String Quartet no. 8: mvt 53:12
​Sample Programme

J.S. Bach - Kunst der Fuge, 1 and 4

Beethoven - Sonata no. 14 'Moonlight'

          - Intermission -

Staff - Dreams of a Somnambulist

           Sonata Reverse Entropy

           Variations on Gounod's Marche d'une

           funebre Marionnette 


Contains hundreds of works, from J.S. Bach and Handel, to virtuosic works by Liszt and Tausig, to the tonally-complex compositions of Berg and Scriabin, as well as rarely-heard works by Vine and Lyapunov.


I have written over 200 works, most of which are for solo piano. I frequently experiment with mathematical concepts such as Diophantine equations and permutation groups in my compositions. 

Repertoire and Compositions

Upcoming Album

Contained in my first recording is my most ethereal work, Dreams of a Somnambulist, along with my most complex, the Reverse Entropy sonata; and in between the two, I have included a transcription of the eighth string quartet by Shostakovich as well as works by my personal favorite: J.S. Bach.